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FFWA Episode 19: Facts About Crocodiles

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The Nile crocodile can hold its breath underwater for up to 2 hours while waiting for prey. - 50 Awesome Facts (About Everything) | Mental Floss


Discover facts about crocodile eyes and their unique features that make them remarkably adept at their sneak attacks.

Australian saltwater crocodiles are by far the most dangerous Australian animals. Luckily few Australian reptiles are dangerous. Most of them are just fascinating.

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The name Sarcosuchus is Greek for "flesh crocodile," but that apparently wasn't impressive enough for the producers at National Geographic. In 2001, this cable channel bestowed the title "SuperCroc" on its hour-long documentary about Sarcosuchus, a name that has since stuck in the popular imagination. (By the way, there are other "-crocs" in the prehistoric bestiary, none of which are quite as popular as SuperCroc: have you ever heard of the BoarCroc or the DuckCroc?)

Informational: This book is about Kenya! There are awesome pictures and interesting facts about Kenya that not many people know. I would use this with social studies and world studies lessons or units. There are also really cool art lessons you could do. You could use this with any grades but mostly younger.


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