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the 2nd largest city in spain, heavenly barcelona has a rich history that dates back very long, long ago -- 2,000 years ago, in fact, with a spellbinding vibe of light, passion, culture and character.

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the backpacker's guide to travelling uruguay

Click on this pin to find out the best beaches, the most beautiful colonial cities and our top tips for planning your route along the Uruguayan coast.

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An ancient masterpiece: 50 million year old sunflower fossil evokes memories of Van Gogh painting

Beautifully preserved: The fossil, dated at more than 50 million years old, was discovered in Patagonia and immediately evoked memories of Van Gogh's masterpiece It is believed to belong to the Asteracaea family, which includes daisies, sunflowers and dandelions and is the most diverse group of flowering plants on Earth.

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what we spent in chile

Chile has got a bit of a reputation as one of South America's pricier countries - but is this warranted? Click on our pin to discover just how much we spent backpacking in this diverse country for two and a half months.