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from My Modern Met

Models Disfigured by Wrapping Elastic Bands on Their Heads

" Dismorfobina "is a series of photographs made ​​by the Spanish artist Natalia Pereira based in Barcelona. A series of portraits whose face was disfigured by a rubber band wrapped tightly around the subject's head reflects " the distortion of our identity when we are desperately trying to fit into a perfect mold that is not ours. An endless quest and need to be what we are not. "


Music is inspiring to anybody who allows it into their lives. Music feeds the soul and to learn about music feeds it a lot more. Learn to play and it wakes up things inside you that you could not suppose could exist!

from Phil Kneen Photography

What people want.


Hi my name is Brendon! I'm from the band Panic! At The Disco. I'm totally weird and totally single *laughs* intro?

Look at Jenna in the background. Jenna is such a sweetheart honestly I love Jenna so much