Which is why "Meaghan Robertson," whom I've never even met but who gossips about me as if she is intimately acquainted with my life and labors under the delusion that I don't know she does that, sent me a friend request literally within a week of me creating a Facebook page. Bless her heart, and her immature drama squad too. #blockedandlaughedat #getyourselfalifesister

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Willy Wonka - All your facebook statuses are about people causing drama in your life? yeah, everyone else is the problem.

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Just what I needed to hear today! A real woman avoids drama, knows her time is precious and is not wasting it on unimportant people or things...

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Delete!!!!!!!!!!!! It is tough to get the guts to delete him, delete his facebook request, his snapchat and instagram requests, his text messages his phone number. But once you do you realize it was for the best

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