Chinese Facial Reading Chart - Learn what's going on inside your body by reading your face: #tcm #chinesemedicine #facereading

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Face Reading (physiognomy) provides handy insights into your hidden personality, past history, current situation and future development. Your face is like your autobiography that is open to everyo…

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Face Reading Reference Charts 1.0 App for iPad, iPhone - Reference - app by Mastery Academy -

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'Facial Diagnosis’ “The main reason for learning the art of facial diagnosis is self-knowledge, as you learn to know how to read your face you will become more and more confident about knowing what is going on inside your body. Furthermore, the knowledge you gain will teach you how to see problems arising well before there is any possibility of your body coming into crisis.” #acupressure #facialmassage

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I love the pictures on this chart... Wonder if there's a foot one somewhere out there too!

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Insomnia is a problem that many of us face on a daily, or rather nightly basis. Temporary solutions like sleep masks, ear plugs, and white noise machines can help sometimes, but don't create lasting change. Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard trained medical doctor with a focus on holistic health, believes getting the best sleep ever…

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