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Khloe Kardashian looks like a rapper's dream as she poses


"I refuse to shrink myself to fit someone else's ideals and values. I refuse to shrink myself to get compliments and external validation to "fit" in. I know my worth is more than my size. I REFUSE to shrink!"#bravebodylove

First recognize that you have power (and not in the I rule the world and everyone in it type of power). I'm talking about power in the form of I have ability to act in a certain way and because of that ability I can create the quality of life I want. . Second acknowledge that there are times when you can in fact give this power away to people or things that truly do not serve you well. Who or what in your life are you giving power to? Release the need for external validation and reclaim your…

G U I L T // I remember a time in my life when I would let guilt control every decision I made. See I grew up with a very religious background one I adopted for myself. It wasn't forced upon me but the community I had with it made me feel like I belonged somewhere and for many reasons it was a beautiful experience. . Except for the part where I would try to be super human when I was truly just human. Listen it's not Christianity that truly affected the amount of guilt I would carry around it…

It all starts within. External validation while lovely will never fill your soul. Your internal love and acceptance will.