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This foldable reinforces the properties of exponents with a fun foldable! Use in your Interactive Notebook or just for funsies!Directions included!

Exponents Foldable and Math Language - I might include equal signs between sections

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Properties of Exponents Fold and Flip Notes

Properties of Exponents Foldable Notes

Every unit, there will be vocabulary words that students need to know to understand the material. I think this would be an organized foldable perfect for just that. Students could write the word on the front and write the defintion in the flap. Students could utilize this as a studying tool for the test.


Math Notebooks: Exponents Foldable and Math Language

from tothesquareinch

Exponent Foldables

Exponent foldables...perfect for when my kids get to this!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Properties of Exponents Foldable (Rules of Exponents)

Rules or properties of exponents foldable is designed to use in an interactive notebook to be a reference for the rules or properties of exponents. The rules of exponents or properties are shown using variables and with words.


Foldable on multiplying and dividing scientific notation.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Exponents Foldable

Laws of Exponents Foldable: This is a flip-book that covers the laws of exponents. On the first page, the student defines exponent, labels a schematic with the base, coefficient, and exponent and then works an example using the definition of exponent. The next 5 pages cover the laws of exponents: product rule, power rule, quotient rule, zero & negative exponents, and all laws examples. The student quickly puts the flip-book together by folding on the dotted line and stapling at the top.