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In 2011, the world’s most expensive diamond ring was sold for nearly 11 million dollars. This rare pink diamond ring has set a new first in the Guinness Book of World Records. The pink diamond boasts 5 carats; has two white diamonds; and is owned by billionaire Laurence Graff. Why so pricey? Pink diamonds are generally found only in lower carat weights. A diamond of this pure color and magnitude is most rare and therefore, unbelievably expensive.

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Rare pink diamond sells for record-breaking £29m

An amazing pink diamond ring that is studded with five carats of diamonds is the world’s most expensive diamond ring. The ring was auctioned in Hong Kong for a record $10.8 million

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Neno Buscotti Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver with Stainless Steel Chain 24″

Simple and sweet , just how I want it , I don't want gold , either white gold or titanium ... Titanium for Mike definitely and Rhodium plated lol More

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The most expensive ring in the world

Completing our trio of the most expensive diamond rings in the world is the 24.18ct Cullinan Dream - the largest Fancy Intense blue diamond to ever appear at auction. Discover the most expensive rings in the world: #jewelry

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Laurence Graff broke the record for a single diamond purchase at the time in 2010 with this 24.78-carat pink diamond for $46 million, now known as the Graff Pink.

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Flawless blue diamond, the most expensive gemstone in the world, sells at auction for £4m

Blue diamond ~ This is one of the rarest gems in the world - a 6.04 carat diamond that is fancy vivid blue color and has internally flawless clarity. The expensive stone was bought by a British jeweler for a record-breaking sum of almost £4 million at a Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong. The selling price makes it the most expensive gemstone in the world, per carat, sold at any auction. The flawless blue diamond fetched £650,000 per carat after intense bidding.

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