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Exodus 7

Working wall - The wall should exemplify the writing process from the 'reading as a writer' stage to the 'nearly finished' stage. Final presentations can be displayed in public areas of the school or in anthologies, portfolios or folders. The wall represents a workshop approach to writing - where the 'tools of the trade' are accessible, and added to, as the process develops. It is a good idea to allow children to make contributions to the wall; post-it notes are an ideal resource for this.


Interestingly each plague was meant to show the Egyptians that their gods would not save them not where they in any superior to Jehovah


There is only one God, and He is good. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Romans 14:11).


EXO - Luhan. rumor has it that Luhan is thinking about leaving exo..? not another Kris case please ! >.< <- oh I remember those days...