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Existence Of God


Sarah-Jane on

The purpose of this glorious life is not simply to endure it but to soar…


Wage war on religion to improve the lives of all people.

Post Judeo-Christian: "The major reason for the ‘death’ of these gods was the lack of evidence for their existence and their failure to meet expectations...The Christian god is facing even heavier head winds than the previous gods- the explosive growth of science and the information age. All of this is eroding belief in the Christian god, who will soon be delivered to the dust heap of history just like Zeus and Thor."-Terry P. Carriker…

Holy Interfaith Hate-Comparative Idolatry: Most Americans Agree with our Political Party of God on Syrian Refugees Voltaire: The Bloodiest Idolatry that ever desecrated the earth? Christianity! John Adams: The symbol of the bloodiest idolatry that ever existed? The cross! Comparative religion-a figment…

Sister of Hassidic woman who jumped from rooftop bar in July commits suicide. Mayer described aspects of religious law such as kashrut and Shabbat prohibitions as “bullshit” and complained of the minimal secular education and limited horizons available to those who grew up as she did. “I feel as though Hassidic Judaism shouldn’t exist at all,” she wrote. * * * Einstein: The worship of false gods such as Yahweh is not only “unworthy but also fatal", with "incalculable harm to human…

"I manifest the things I want by believing in their existence" #doubleword #quotes


"If God is Loving, Why is There Evil and Suffering?" by Charlie Campbell. A dialogue that is easy to follow.


HOW THEY'LL DISMANTLE U.S. MILITARY - John Brennan's reward for covering up Obama's passport scandal? Nominated to direct CIA! Could you imagine an even more dangerous pick than Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense? Under Obama, yes. Worse is always what’s next.

The "god" of bankster and corporate-owned America is NOT the same as the God of the Bible…