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I sit in a chair all day the least I could do is use it to help me lose weight and feel GREAT!


Exercise for the Obese.. Maybe works for postpartum??


Do you like body combat style exercises? Well why not try these exercises at home or at the gym, this routine is great for those who like to feel power within a workout, this workout includes non contact kicks and punches. Ensure you have enough space around you before starting.


Step Aerobics For Overall Fitness And Its Benefits. My favorite exercise. Every day bright and early senior year is what got me started. Also the reason I can't wear boots because of my big calves. Determined to dust of my step and break out some old school VHS tapes to add some exercise in my weight loss journey.


Innovative Chair Exercises for Seniors

from Verywell

Try This Seated Total Body Workout for Overweight and Obese Exercisers

Try This Seated Total Body Workout for Overweight and Obese Exercisers: Chest Squeeze with Med Ball


What Are the Best Stretches for Senior Citizens?

Best Stretching Exercises for Senior Citizens


A number of readers in their 60s, 70s and even 80s wrote to thank us for a recent exercise article that included easier moves appropriate for seniors and women just starting to work out (click here for that article). They were happy to finally find exercises that weren’t far beyond their skills and strength levels! …


12 Best Balance Exercises For Seniors and the Elderly

If you're not very active, you may want to get the all-clear from a GP before starting A. Rest your hands on the back of a chair for stability. B. Raise your left leg to the side as far as is comfortable, keeping your back and hips straight. Avoid tilting to the right. C. Return to the starting position. Now raise your right leg to the side as far as possible. Raise and lower each leg five times.