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This is really good for me since I want to stop using a certain word in my songwriting verses/chorus/bridge......

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Exciting Synonyms. Download it at - The Education Marketplace. #scholastic #kidsbooks @Karen Echols #teachers #teaching #elementaryschools #teachercreated #ebooks #books #education #classrooms #commoncore #examville

Always a good thing to have to make essays/stories or even journaling on a scrapbook layout a little more exciting ;) Not an endorsement of ALL words suggested...but may be helpful.

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"Dead" words are overused words in student writing such as good, bad, little and big etc. I blew up a tombstone on 11 x 17 paper and had students write a "dead" word on the tombstone. They then used a thesaurus to find more exciting synonyms that could be used in their writing instead!

Synonyms.... would be great idea to have an 'ice cream shop' board with lots of these "on the menu" for use in writing and encouraging use of new and higher-level vocabulary!!

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Razzle Dazzle Words, Purple Words, Expensive Words, "Said is Dead," etc.We all put up a valiant fight to help our writers push the envelope! I like to use this as a word wall display for students to reference, but first I challenge students to match the exciting synonyms with their "basic, boring" counterpart.

Vocabulary - The Said Web - Brainstorming Interesting Synonyms Grade 3-6 Use this activity to help students explore more exciting synonyms for over-used words. Start by generating a few synonyms with the whole class. Then allow students to work in small (mixed-ability) groups to come up with more words. Connect this activity to the writing process by having students go back over a piece of writing and replacing "said" with more descriptive words.

Exciting and interesting - Synonyms and other related words in the Thesaurus and the British English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary