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Examples Of Predicate

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Subject & Predicate Writing Game

Subject & Predicate Writing Game from craft sticks for elementary students!


Complete Subject and Complete Predicate

Worksheets: Complete Subject and Complete Predicate

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Subject and Predicate Anchor Charts and Task Cards

This easy to use Subject and Predicate Anchor Chart and Task Cards product (Parts of a Sentence) is Common Core aligned for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade and includes 36 task cards, 4 instructional pages (or anchor charts) with explanations and examples of simple subjects, complete subjects, simple predicates, and complete predicates. Use it for stations, small groups, whole class, or an early finisher activity!


Subjects and Predicates

Analyzing sentences is a great way for children to really understand grammar. Use this free, printable worksheet to help your young learner understand subject and predicate relationships. The worksheet contains an easy-to-understand explanation with examples, and ten questions that ask students to identify parts of a sentence (complete subject, complete predicate, simple subject and simple predicate). Answer sheet included. Read more at…

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Compound Sentences

Compound Sentences |, just help make homework fun and a lot easier for my 3rd grader.


How To Write A Personal Narrative Essay For 4th 5th Grade OC Narrative Essay Formal letter sample

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Types of Sentences

Have an empty chart up on the board, and each team gets 4 different colored post-it notes. Write down which color corresponded to which type of sentence on the board for them to refer to. They worked with their team to come up with unique examples of each type of sentence.


Complete Sentences Song (Lyrics) Subject and Predicate by Melissa.....This song illustrates visually the differentiation between the subject and predicate of a sentence. It also demonstrates that both a subject and a predicate are necessary to form a complete sentence. It provides both definitions and examples to create a more concrete learning experience.