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Examples Of Leadership

"All five of our ColorCards #apps are great to be used as reward activity for appropriate behavior Do you use them in this way? #SLP #SLT


The following exercise will ask you 50 questions about your leadership style, and then give you an idea of your typical styles. If you are still a student you might like to answer the questions as you would if you were a manager in an organisation, rather than the way you would if, for example, you were president of a student society where the leadership style is more casual than that in most work environments.


Create an interactive display for use in your KS1 classroom. Perfect for schools that teach through the RWI phonics scheme. Buy a 'KROKIG' wall storage unit from IKEA (currently £3) and add these eyes to make a frog. This could be used to sort sounds - e.g. only put words with certain sounds in the frogs mouth (Sound of the day?). 'DS Primary' on Facebook


What Kind of Teacher Do You Want? First Day Activity Anchor Chart - Great way of getting to know a little bit more on the Students wishes.


Superstars please help me CONGRATULATE our lovely Charmaine Barga on her achievement of the L1 rank with the Today Money Project!! So honored to work with you every day - you are an amazing leader and are a great example of how to CARE for others and make a difference for your colleagues in this space. You are THERE for people with an open heart and mind and impacting this profession for the better - we are GRATEFUL for your leadership here in Networking Superstars! YOU ARE AWESOME…

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