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from the Guardian

The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list

More detailed style of illustration using pen? Use colours relating to danger or suspense?


One of the best, most influential movies ever and a classic example of the cultural and artist revolution that came out of the Weimar Republic in post First World War Germany.


My #1 favourite film ever. It's amazing that a film more about visuals than plot still manages a scene that makes me cry. All designers should watch this.

from Sacha Black

8 Steps To Cracking The YA Mindset

Young Adult fiction is wildly popular. I write it, and I know several dozen other writers that do too. It's becoming the front runner for the biggest share of sales across the whole book/ebook mark...

from io9

The Universal Shapes of Stories, According to Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut - The Shapes of Stories I've always loved this. Such a great analysis of the various story arcs.