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Example Of Commutative Property


Domino Doubles Game

Help your kids have fun while learning their doubles math facts with this Domino Doubles Game from Creative Family Fun


How to teach using repeated addition to find total number of objects in an array (2.OA.2). All ideas are FREE!


Do your students need practice with the Properties of Addition? Can they identify each addition property by clues? Examples? Then use this set of 12 free colorful properties of addition cards which can be used in many ways for students to practice or memorize the following properties of addition: ★ Commutative Property of Addition ★ Associative Property of Addition ★ Zero or Identity Property of Addition Then check out my other resources for the Property of Addition!


This mini booklet is a great resource to have on hand when teaching your kiddos about the three addition properties. Your students can explain each property, and show examples and non-examples of each as well. There are also blank pages for your students to illustrate each property using pictures (their favorite part!).This covers the Identity Property, Associative Property and Commutative Property.