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Evolutionary Theory Definition

A strange metal object of unknown origin was found in the inside of a geode - a natural mineral that as we know, requires millions of years to be formed. It is mostly unusual to find a piece of metal which is both polished and manufactured, inside a geode.


Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection isn't an idea with…

Psychology of Spiral Dynamics


It's one of Dawkin's older books, but it seemed to stand the test of time to my uneducated eye. Helped me understand evolutionary theory much more clearly and the origin of life in general. Definitely recommend if you're looking to learn more on those subjects.


What is Darwin's Theory of Evolution?

Rationally Speaking: Jerry Coyne vs John Dupré on the status of evolutionary theory


Evolutionary Theory's Applications to Learning

Turns out, we have human evolution to thank for our bad backs, dangerous…

Research Reveals Human/Chimp Genetic Disparities, Undermines Evolutionary Theory

Hummingbirds Feeding - Using these first-ever high-speed, high-definition videos of hummingbird feeding, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate student Alejandro Rico-Guevara discovered that the 180-year-old theory of how hummingbirds drink nectar is actually false.