Evolutionary theory definition

A strange metal object of unknown origin was found in the inside of a geode - a natural mineral that as we know, requires millions of years to be formed. It is mostly unusual to find a piece of metal which is both polished and manufactured, inside a geode.

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Richard Dawkins is probably wrong! The latest idea is that lots of tiny pieces of RNA Cooperated(!!) in the beginning.

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Turns out, we have human evolution to thank for our bad backs, dangerous childbirths, sore feet and wisdom teeth pains.

Hummingbirds Feeding - Using these first-ever high-speed, high-definition videos of hummingbird feeding, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate student Alejandro Rico-Guevara discovered that the 180-year-old theory of how hummingbirds drink nectar is actually false.

the lore of Mozambique, a girl who lived in a fish. When she was trapped in a river, the fish Chipfalamfula took her into his mouth for safety and she lived in his belly until she was old enough to marry. Then she returned to dry land where she was attacked by ogres. The big fish stopped the river long enough for her to cross over its dry bed and then restarted the flow and drowned her attackers. She met a prince who fell in love with her and married her. In some lore, occasionally known as…

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