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Everything But The Girl - Missing (Official HQ) The song was released in August 1994; I still love it

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I don't know what i is about this show, but it manages to take everything I've ever felt about my whole life and sum it up completely. It's not just about falling in love, parties, and's the consequences of choices and the curve balls life throws and how to over come.

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Sorry baby. I'm just shithot on recognising the truth Next Door, from the lies that are shoved right in My Face.

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"After it happened I washed my hands in the river. I scrubbed them raw but they still looked black. They still B U R N E D."

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Ben Watt, Tracey Thorn - EBTG - reinvented from bedsit balladeers to drum n'bass gurus. Briefly at least

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Long before the creation of Pinterest- I have been hoarding images. In the olden days, I would save EVERYTHING to my desktop.. Usually with a really easy to find descriptive title like: ashafuaqkg. Sometimes in labelled folders, like: Inspiration. Ideas for clothes. Things I like. Colour Palettes. Colour combinations etc etc.. But most times I’d …

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