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Prints are now officially available! You guys were insistent - to say the least! For everyone that was asking you can either grab: Hand signed copies from me personally over on Etsy, limited to a run of 25. Or standard prints over on Society...


If everyone're anticipating structure one thing practical along with your very own hands, examination for recommendations, ideas, programs and inspiration.


Just saw this great idea for b day party Make one of these boards and use car sponges (great big ones) fill bucket full of water and then the kids throw I think they would LOVE if it was a hit the parents and then I could see everyone wanting a turn to be hit.


Tumblr gets deep<<~ IM HAVING AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS HELP! AM I IN THE BEGINNING OF THE CYCLE OR NOT, AM I RELIVING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, DO I EVEN EXSIST RIGHT NOW? THERE ARE TOO MANY QUESTIONS<<< Free existential crisis for everyone.>>am I alive or am I relieving memories? How many cycles have I been through? Is time even real, if I am dead? I'm confused.....


When people post their steak photos, or whatever meat 'o the day, all I see is death. :-( I don't know how people separate it in their minds and enjoy eating death. Why is it so easy for most people and not others like myself? Sometimes I wish I was like

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Coffee Mug- Couples Gift -Mug - Mugs - Crap Bag & Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Gift Set

Our cute Princess Consuela Banana Hammock & Crap Bag Ceramic Mug Gift Set, is a perfect couples gift, whether for an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary, or a house warming, and whether they like tea or coffee... its sure to put a smile on everyones face. Our dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic mugs, are created using our own professional equipment. We use a special ink that is fused into the glaze of the mug with our industrial high heat hand press, which allows the image to remain on…

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The Ultimate Indonesia Travel Guide

From where to stay in Bali, what to explore in Java, best times to visit, the weather and visas... everything you need to plan your Indonesia trip.