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Team America -Everyone Has Aids And The Band Played On (1993) - Based On A True Story - Full Movie HISTORY OF SECRET EXPERIMENTATION ON UNITED STATES CITIZENS DOCTOR SEBI " I dont treat aids I CURE AIDS" AIDS As Biological And Psychological Warfare


10 Of The Most Creative Candle Designs Ever

10 Unique Best Candle Designs That Will Make You Feel The Love Tonight [] #candles


Health on Earth NGO Job Vacancy Health on Earth December 20 2016 Management Sciences for Health 0 comments Chronic Diseases Fragile States Health Systems Strengthening HIV & AIDS Universal Health Coverage US Global Health Policy Women & Gender Photo by Warren Zelman Happy holidays and health on earth! Envision a 2017 where everyone has the opportunity for a health life. Working together for stronger health systems around the world in 2017. Best wishes for the new year! Like…

Taking action.

"The government has recommended everyone to stay indoors and not t-" I had enough of these news. They're almost as depressing as the news during World War II.


4.1 In each class and by every emergency door in school there are directions and instructions (in case of fire) to proceed to the furthest part of the school field.


Painting #6 SIDE EFFECTS of the Life With Epilepsy series. Taking the medicines to control seizures does not make everything OK. Everyone has different reactions to each medicine so it is a matter of finding the right meds that control their seizures and have side effect they can live with. #EPILEPSY #AWARENESS