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Coconut Oil, Coffee, and Sugar Scrub for cellulite, dry patches, and uneven skin tone. You can even use it on your face!

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Brightening Turmeric and Lemon DIY Face Mask

Brightening Turmeric + Lemon DIY Face Mask. With beautifying turmeric and healing manuka honey, this mask is perfect for acne-prone skin, evening out skin tone and rejuvenating radiance. Helps retain moisture and a glowy complexion!


Simple Lemon Scrub: Take a lemon, cut it in half. Dip one half in sugar, then scrub your face and lips. *Lemon- A natural source of Vitamin C; commonly used to lighten sun & age spots and even out skin tone. *Sugar- Natural exfoliator; natural source of glycolic acid which evens out skin tone, cleans pores, & improves overall skin texture by removing dead skin cells that limit moisturizer penetrating your skin, & leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky.

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7 Best Products To Even Skin Tone

7 best products to even skin tone - Neutrogena Rapid Tone repair moisturizer night

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Home Remedies for Dark Elbows and Knees

Prev post1 of 3Next An even skin tone adds to your beauty and having dark knees and elbows can detract from it. This is a common issue that can make one self-conscious about wearing short-sleeve dresses and tops as well as skirts and shorts. The skin around the elbows and knees is usually thicker and

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9 Nude Lipsticks for Everyday Makeup.

A nude lipstick is perfect for everyday makeup or to balance a smokey eye makeup look. There is no prettier look in my opinion. Nude lipsticks have been around for quite sometime but they are hotter now more than ever as they were shown on the spring and summer runways and that means they are the hot look and very on trend.

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Acne Scars Don't Stand A Chance Against These Treatments

This stuff is the best for getting rid of acne scars.

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This Is How You Eat for Your Skin

The Healthy Skin Diet - Expert skin care advice for clear skin, with tips on what foods to eat to reduce the appearance of sun damage, preserve elastin, produce collagen, even skin tone.


Apply different colors of concealer strategically to even out your skin tone, and brighten it so you look more awake. (Makeup, make-up)