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London. Westminster. Paddington Station. School boys with gas masks evacuated by train as bombing raids intensify. Life in London during The Blitz of World War II in 1939-40. 1940. photo by George Rodger


Children being evacuated out of London during the outbreak of World War II, 1939. William Vandivert


Evacuating wartime London, gas masks and newspaper headlines

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Thousands prepare to evacuate homes over monsoon flood risk... and summer festivals are a washout too

On this "momentous" (check definition) day that is 23rd of June, 2016, the day of the EU referendum in the UK, London is being hit by a storm; flash floods, thunder, and lightning. Pray that this is not an omen as to what the result of the voting will be; for if such is the result to remain, the whole of Europe will be cast into a dim and dismal abyss the likes of which we have not seen since the tyranny dished out by evil perpetrators in the Second World War. In contrast, just check out my…


London at War - 1939 Evacuees Evacuees the measures being taken in London to prepare for World War II. September 1939 – The evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II, at the outset of World War II, London and major British cities were evacuated with 1.5 million displacements in the first three days of the official evacuation. The final number of evacuees reached a total of 3.75 million.

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Did U.S. university plan to create an intellectually superior race of children to repopulate Britain after World War Two?

Children wait on the platform at a railway station to be evacuated. 1941.

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Michael Aspel among two thousand WW2 children evacuees reunited 70 years later

Two thousand WWII children evacuees reunite 70 years later - Families were split up as three million children were given their rations and sent on trains out of the cities and, hopefully, to safety as the Second World War began.


Evacuee children, London, ca.1940 The wee ones of London were sent to live with people on farms throughout Britain to save them from the unmerciful bombings of the Nazis on London. The families who took in these children saved their lives.


During the Blitz, many children were evacuated out of the cities to safer places in the country, these children here, from East London, seemed to be checking out their curious identification labels.

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World War II year by year: conflict sweeps the earth

An air-raid warden sets a black-out time clock indicator at an A.R.P. post near London - 1 November 1939