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German archaeologists have uncovered the beautifully preserved horse’s head from a Roman equestrian statue. The life-size statue is gold-plated bronze, and they also found the foot of the rider, thought to be Augustus. “This bronze sculpture counts among the best pieces to have ever been found from the area of the former Roman empire,” said Eva Kuehne-Hoermann, Hesse’s minister for science, at the unveiling of the head in Frankfurt. “Nowhere else is there a finding of this form or quality.”

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New Column: Lisa Solomon "Make Believe Collection"

*** Eva Hesse, Untitled. Here with Hesse i find a huge admiration, a sensitively and an overwhelming desire to better herself. She is such a rewardable role model to discover. i ow a lot to her practise as its offered me free counselling teaching me that my passion is far more rewarding than apprehensions.


Eva Hesse. (11 de enero de 1936 - 29 de mayo de 1970), fue una escultora estadounidense nacida en Alemania, conocida por su trabajo pionero en materiales como el látex, la fibra de vidrio y el plástico.

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Eva Hesse “Untitled (Rope Piece)” 1970

The last, most startling and most impressive work is "Untitled (Rope Piece)," of 1970, made as Ms. Hesse was dying, finished with the help of friends. Of latex over rope, string and wire, it is a t...