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Eva Braun. At the very end she became Frau Hitler.


Heinrich Hoffmann with Eva Braun and her two Scottish Terriers. This image was included in pages of Eva Braun’s photo albums and cataloged as such when I viewed and photographed it in the National Archives.


Famous Idiots - Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun " I want to be a beautiful corpse. "

from Mail Online

Did Hitler and Eva Braun flee Berlin and die (divorced) of old age in Argentina?

Eva Braun pictured: I read the book, Grey Wolf. I read the newspaper article about the book including the comments. I will tell you this, I believe Dunstad and Williams extensively researched the subject and arrived at a logical conclusion; in my view more accurate than anything presented before. I never did accept that "famous picture" was Hitler. If he was burned why not beyond any possibility of recognition such as was done with Goebbels? It was planned subterfuge to evade capture.


Eva Braun at 19 shortly before she was introduced to Adolf Hitler. The rest became history.


Eva Braun was the middle of three daughters.In 1932 she met Adolf Hitler she told her sister"I had stayed on after closing time to file some papers and had climbed up a ladder at that moment the boss came in accompanied by a man with a funny moustache"

Eva Braun filming at the Berghof. (via gentleman-blackbird)


Eva_Braun_1936 Eva disliked and was extremely jealous of Hitler's other…