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Europe Drinking Age

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10 of the Best Dublin Pubs and bars, Dublin Ireland

10 of the Best Dublin Pubs and bars, Dublin Ireland...@Kerry Aar Aar Aar Aar Shanahan you know this is an important part of our trip haha


The George Pub, Fleet Street, London, is the only wooden building to survive the Great Fire of London in 1666.

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London in 1901 - the End of the Victorian Era

Queen Victoria. 25th January1901 "At last that supreme loss has fallen upon the Empire which had been so long delayed... The Empire and the world are alike in mourning. The voice which carried supreme weight in the councils of Europe is silenced; the Sovereign who has won from her people an affection and a reverence to which we can find no parallel in history, has passed from them, full of years and honour... "


Coggans' Bar in the Saltmarket, during the First World War. Drinking was central to working class relaxation, particularly for men. In 1853 there were 2,053 public houses (one for every 170 inhabitants, regardless of age), but 1,261 (one for every 622) by 1912.


"Sussex’s most sublime stretch of coast is within this small chunk of the South Downs, comprising the cliffs between Seaford and Eastbourne. But it’s a relatively brief affair; if there’s one place above all that needs to be savoured slowly, this is it – browsing a rockpool at Cuckmere Haven, munching a sandwich and spotting Bronze-Age flints on turf clifftops, or drinking in the view of the wavy profile of the Seven Sisters from Seaford Head." Slow Sussex;

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Modern Europe was formed by milk-drinking Russians


The woman, dead at 30, was buried 1,900 years ago in an oak log near Juellinge, Denmark. Interred with her was a long-handled bronze strainer that still held residue of a fermented drink she may have been meant to enjoy in the afterlife.