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from BBC News

Gaia space telescope plots a billion stars

Europe's Gaia space telescope releases its first batch of data as it builds the…

from The Independent

How a boxing club is helping Calais jungle residents' mental health


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Juncker proposes EU military headquarters

The EU needs a military headquarters to work towards a common military force…

The David Icke World Wide Wake Up Tour 2016/2017 - United States And Europe Tickets Now Available

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Bratislava EU meeting: Bloc needs 'sober look at problems' says Tusk

The EU is in a "critical situation", the German chancellor says.... Well, Angela, if that's true, it's substantially because of your asinine immigrant policy, you stupid cow. The German people should haul you up on treason charges.

from The Independent

Pope Francis announces day of prayer for clerical sex abuse survivors

I think Francis is probably an okay guy -- but such a gesture isn't for the victims. It's so the institution can be seen publicly to be remorseful. This is a political move, not a personal one, and it's meaningless as far as victims are concerned.

from BBC News

Topless Marianne remark by PM Manuel Valls stirs French row

Liberty on the statue of bare-breasted Marianne is a prominent feature in the…

from The Independent

German restaurant bans Muslim woman

Good for the restaurant manager. Leaving aside any security issues, what was a supposedly devout Muslim woman doing in a BEER-garden? Trying to provoke just such an incident, perhaps? How can I put this...WAKE THE FUCK UP!

from The Independent

French PM says 15,000 are being radicalised and warns 'more innocent people will die'

...and yet the French have apparently not figured out that they might have to…