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25 Insane Facts About Amsterdam #infographic


In case you haven’t already heard about it, let me just inform you about some current events and state of affairs in hot market in Europe. Namely, since recently it has become increasingly easy to find property in Europe. If you would like to learn all about it, make sure you read on!

Cherry blossoms in Paris | Unique Ideas for a #Honeymoon to #France


Dec 29 Rampaging Muslim “Refugees” KICK WHITE BABY On Bus, Then Attack Paramedics Trying To Treat Child

Rampaging Muslim ?Refugees? KICK WHITE BABY On Bus, Then Attack Paramedics Trying To Treat Child

Europe braces for New Years Eve terror

Country Research Project - Europe

Country Research Project - Students will conduct a research project about a country or territory in Europe. They will use the graphic organizers to collect and organize the following information: Important Events, Landmarks, Capital City, Area, Climate, Terrain, Natural Resources, Official Language(s), Population, Foods, Clothing, Sports, Type of Government and Current Leader(s), Currency, Occupation, Imports, Exports, and Interesting Facts.


Europe's Compassionate Hatred of Israel

Reforming Reformation : The Reformation used to be singular: a unique event that happened within a tidily circumscribed period of time, in a tightly constrained area and largely because of a single individual. Few students of early modern Europe would now accept this view. Offering a broad overview of current scholarly thinking, this collection undertakes a fundamental rethinking of the many and varied meanings of the term concept and label 'reformation', particularly with regard t...

Monsanto Reaches Settlement On Agent Orange Class-Action Suit

Monsanto reaches settlement on Agent Orange Class Action suit... of course, there won't be too many details because of a strict gag order. Why do we protect this company?


Five Ways to Teach the Constitution Through Current Events