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9 Real Life Fairytale Villages in Europe

9 Real Life Fairytale Villages in Europe - The small fishing village of Portofino is an amazing display of untouched Italian culture. Hidden in the countryside, this water-front town captivates everyone who visits.

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Diving in Europe: The best diving from North to South

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100 Places to See in Europe Before you Die: Part 1

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13 unknown countries in Europe you really should visit

Figured you knew Europe inside and out? And that you’d pretty much seen everything on that whirlwind trip of the continent three years ago? Sure, we all know France, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia. But Europe has lots of lesser known countries that deserve a little time in the spotlight too! You should totally visit these 13 unknown countries in Europe!

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13 Secret European Villages You Have to Visit

13 Secret European Villages You Have to Visit - We'll always have Paris..._and_ Rome _and_ Barcelona. But sometimes it's worth sidestepping Europe's hotspots to seek out the continent's less discovered destinations. JS contributor Emma Sloley sets her sights on a host of under-the-radar villages and magical cities, from Montenegro to the Arctic Circle.

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The Best Destinations for Rookie Backpackers

Istanbul, Turkey sits at the convergence of two continents: Europe and Asia. It's an exotic travel experience that's well worth adding to your bucket list. For the best of art, food, culture, travel, head to

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Here are the top 100 best places to visit in Europe before you die! The 100 most beautiful locations spread out all through the European continent.

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