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Euro Referendum


MIGRANT CLAMPDOWN: Record turnout expected at Hungary's anti-refugee referendum

THE people of Hungary are expected to vote in record numbers in what has become an anti-immigration referendum aimed at Brussels bureaucrats forcing them to take in migrants under EU quota schemes.

from The Huffington Post

Owen Smith Would 'Potentially' Accept The UK Joining The Euro And Schengen If He Became Prime Minister

Owen Smith Would 'Potentially' Accept The UK Joining The Euro And Schengen If He…

The EU referendum has changed the future of our country and there are huge decisions to make about what comes next. But so far politicians have failed to roll up their sleeves and set out a clear plan that works for all of us. So 38 Degrees members are doing the job instead, creating a big, bold, fair plan of action that millions of us can sign up to. Together we're going to figure out our demands for Brexit and make sure that people, not big business or politicians, come first when Britain…

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Owen Smith 'would consider rejoining EU' if PM

Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith says he would consider applying to rejoin…

The subject of Britain’s relationship with Europe is of increasing importance to UK investors. It is a complex and highly political debate which can generate extreme and sometimes emotional views in the British people and indeed in Europeans too.


Brexit aftershocks: Who's next to leave the EU?

After Britain voted to leave the EU, we look at which European countries want to hold their own EU referendum.


UK House Prices Won't Fall in Spite of Brexit Fears, New Report

Fears that house prices would fall following the UK's vote to leave the European Union have been "overblown" after a new survey suggested average house prices are set to rise by 3.3 percent a year over the next five years. Participants hold a British Union flag and an EU flag during a pro-EU referendum event at Parliament Square in London.

Tantissimi gli italiani che ieri hanno votato al primo referendum propositivo organizzato da Fratelli d'Italia in oltre 100 città. Giorgia Meloni ha voluto sentire il parere dei cittadini su tu temi centrali per il governo nazionale come l'immigrazione, le tasse, l'euro, il rapporto con l'Ue, il presidenzialismo e la riforma costituzionale. Solo ascoltando la reale volontà degli italiani possiamo sapere che cosa fare se Renzi perde il referendum