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Sheer Wall, the ambivalent spatial quality. Jesse Pietilä’s Sheer Wall has been awarded by EFG European Furniture Group. A collaboration work with RUUKKI Ltd. and Prolaser Ltd. Sheer Wall was exhibited at Masters of Arts – festival at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.


Ferrari F12 TDF painted in Rosso Fuoco Photo taken by: on Instagram


Spherical spacetime time is a four-dimensional continuum of space and imaginary time forming the surface of a sphere in five dimensions.


4D / 4th Dimension (Euclidean space): anim of Stereographic projection of a Clifford torus by JasonHise (w/ Maya + Macromedia Fireworks, 2011-02) via


Euclidean space *Division of the world * Balance

from Refinery29

Apartment Makeover In 29 Spring Buys

Apartment Makeover In 29 Spring Buys #refinery29 Tip 2: "I love the shape and design of this. The brass really would transform a space." Anthropologie Euclidean Pendant, $248, available at Anthropologie.


You’re in the full swing of the semester and classwork is starting to pile on.  Between Anatomy & Physiology, The Meaning of Life, and Introduction to Vector Analysis your workload has reached new heights putting you up to your neck philosophical phalanges wafting in Euclidean space. Now, even if none of that made sense don’t fret.  We(...)

*I think the "unobserved quantum phenomena" is not quite correct.. "unobserved quantum phenomena is different than observed"


awesomedigitalart:ANTHROPIA - NON-EUCLIDEAN SPACES by moonxels #ShareArt - #Art #LoveArt