Ethan Marcotte on how responsive web design came about

Ethan Marcotte on how responsive web design came about | netmag | Creative Bloq


Responsive web design is one of the hottest topics right now, and this guide includes everything you need to get started! With contributions by leading experts of the movement, including Ethan Marcotte, Brad Frost and Luke Wroblewski, as well as more than 20 practical projects covering both the basics and advanced strategies, youll create excellent responsive experiences in no time.


Designing With Web Standards was catnip to web designers, Handcrafted CSS is heroin,” jokes Zeldman. “Master sophisticated CSS layout methods powered by a philosophy of ‘progressive enrichment’. Create fluid designs that support today’s plethora of connected devices, and learn techniques that create a living, textural look and feel without killing your user’s bandwidth. Dare to innovate fearlessly and gain tips on persuading your clients to accept your innovations!”

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