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Ester Williams

Esther Williams' autobiography is a wonderful read. To read about the choreography and tricks that went into making her movies is fantastic and insightful. She herself is just an interesting and strong willed woman who with no acting abilities became a very well recognized starlet amongst MGM's greats, I adore her and this book.


For those who have looked at the glamour and structure of vintage swimsuits and declared, "You know you can't actually swim in that, right?", I have two words... ESTHER WILLIAMS!


Esther Williams - Williams had achieved pin-up status because of the number of photographs of her in bathing suits. A (forged) signed, waterproof portrait of Williams was circulated among men in the United States Navy for a "capture the Esther" competition. This competition continues to this day in the Royal Australian Navy, which holds in its archives an "original" forged signed portrait while maintaining a "capturable" image for use in the fleet.