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The Story of Mata Hari

Mata Hari at the height of her fame as a Parisian exotic dancer.

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Beware Female Spies - Silence! Unusual WW1 Poster 15x24

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Mata Hari: Dutch Exotic Dancer and Espionage. CBC link to a podcast abou her interesting story.

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Mata Hari Born: August 7, 1876 Died: October 15, 1917 Briefly Exotic dancer and courtesan who was executed by firing squad for espionage during World War I. ~B&W Photography~

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VINCENNES Mata Hari, danseuse, fusillée comme espionne dans les fossés du château de Vincennes en 1917. Mata-Hari 1910.jpg

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Detail from a Russian May Day Poster, 1930. "Proletariats! Frustrate the imperialists' preparations for the war! On the 1st of May, tighten up the ranks in the fight for the Soviet Union and proletarian world revolution!"

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Margaretha Geertruida "M'greet" Zelle McLeod (7 Aug 1876 – 15 Oct 1917), better known by the stage name Mata Hari, was a Dutch exotic dancer, courtesan, and accused spy who was executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany during World War I.

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