Zoom with a view: Welcome to the northern hemisphere's longest zip wire which offers 100mph rides along MILE-LONG route over Welsh mountains

The northern hemisphere's largest zip wire opened in Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Bangor, North Wales today


There's no way I could not do a tribal pattern as part of my @bundlemonster Festival Box series. 😊 But I wanted to change it up a bit and went with a fringe-y crochet look this time. My super bright base is done with 4 of the gel polishes: mojave mixer, papaya whip, lightweaver and escape velocity. I just randomly dabbed on the polishes and cured each color separately. The pattern is inspired by OKing on shutterstock and handpainted with white acrylic paint. #nailart #prsample…

Sheer Ice Walls, Insane Rock Drops and Vertical Descents – Just Looking At This Gallery Will Give You Vertigo


The Quietus | Features | Escape Velocity | A Spiral Dance: Noura Mint Seymali Interviewed

A vertical imprisonment... The "plane" is lost to the children of man... As such, there can only be strife and no spirit of discovery or exploration...


New collage art from Tyler Varsell

"Goodbye" I saw some people from the past tonight, and we discussed the people that we won't see again in this lifetime... It made me sad. But, all those people mattered to me, and still do. You all mean so much to me, even the ones of you I don't like...;)

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