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Escape From Tomorrow is an unauthorized indie fantasy-horror film shot guerilla style within the Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks #anti #disney #indie #horror


Trailer for "Escape from Tomorrow" the controversial guerrilla-made indie horror film, shot stealthily inside Disneyland. Due for release in the US on 11 October. Disney have so far declined to comment. Hope I get to see it before Disney bans it!!


Bad things happen everywhere. That’s the tagline for Escape from Tomorrow; the debut feature from Randy Moore. Not in my experience they don’t. And, m(o)ore to the point, he has chosen the one place I have found that offers almost total shelter from bad things. Read more at

I love the really laidback vibe of this video... **Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) by 13thWitness™ (3 min.)**


"Escape from Tomorrow" Movie Official Trailer - How have I only just heard of this movie?! Update - the concept is in genius, but the film itself is meandering and boring. No one (accept maybe the daughter) is particularly likable. I suppose it's worth seeing to witness the mastery that must have been required to film this in secret and one of the ending scenes is pretty memorable.

Sordid Cinema #69: ‘Escape from Tomorrow’ and ‘We Are What We Are’ + 'Big Bad Wolves,' 'A Touch of Sin,' and 'Why Don't You Play In Hell'