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Eric Holder

February 02, 2009 - Eric Holder became the first African American to be confirmed as United States Attorney General.

from phillhillusa

Eric Holder’s Radical Past Involved ‘Armed’ Takeover of ROTC Building

Black Panther Eric Holder arrested for armed assault of Columbia University. ATTORNEY GENERAL⁉️


Attorney General Eric Holder is reportedly staying on in his position for at least another year past President Barack Obama's first term


SAGE FROM SOUTH CENTRAL, Larry Elder, says Eric Holder is a More dangerous race hustler than Rev. Al & he ridicules Eric Holder's NJ Turnpike story. The long-believed claim of “racism” on that highway has been investigated – and debunked. Twice... by the DOJ, but the truth didn't fit their script so they didn't want to publish it!

healthcare systems: socialized medicine - CATO via Accuracy In Academia - "... insight into the misrepresentation of comparisons between the American and Canadian health care systems and warnings of consequences of government-run health care that Canada is currently experiencing..."