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Equivalence Principle

Space Time Gravitation by Yu. Vladimirov, N. Mitskievich, J. Horsky Published 1987 Topics physics, astrophysics, relativity, general relativity, space-time, black holes, cosmology, dimensions, gravitation, gravitational lensing, gravitational waves, kerr field, principle of equivalence, singularity SHOW MORE An historical survey of our ideas about space, time and gravitation. In three chapters, the authors consider how space and time were perceived from ancient times to the present (a

During ten seconds of weightlessness Brynle Barrett from the Laboratory of Photonics, Numerical Sciences and Nanosciences at the University of Bordeaux monitors an experiment to test the ‘weak equivalence principle’ – or why a feather in a vacuum falls as fast as a hammer.


Astronomers have discovered the first pulsar with two stars circling it. By watching the three objects orbit one another, observers will soon be able to perform the best-ever test of the "strong equivalence principle", which is a key prediction of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity.


The Second Principle: Equality and Equivalence 2. Das zweite Prinzip fundiert in der Gleichheit und Gleichwertigkeit aller Dinge des Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, so also aller Dingen des Geistigen, Physischen und Bewussten, so also alle Dinge sowohl des Geistigen als auch des Materiellen in Gleichheit und Gleichwertigkeit gegeben sind. 2. The second principle substantiates in the equality and equivalence of all things of the spiritual, to physical and consciousness, so of all thi

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Triple star system 'can reveal secrets of gravity'

Gravity news - "finding deviations (in the equivalence principle) would indicate a breakdown of general relativity"


#Sheffield's 480m new Retail Quarter could create up to 5000 new jobs for the City. A report going to the councils planning committee says: The Sheffield Retail Quarter will represent one of the most significant construction projects in Sheffield. It will therefore have a beneficial impact on the local construction sector generating employment and reducing income deprivation in the short-term. It is estimated there will be net employment generation of around 1219 new full-time equivalent…

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Michael Hofmann: ‘English is basically a trap. It’s almost a language for spies’

Michael Hofmann - One of his guiding principles for translating, he says, is to avoid the obvious word, even if it is the literal equivalent of the original.


For those that are following #captainamerica say #saynotohydracap photo from CJ De Leo