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It might APPEAR as if you have more but get your minddd right. Appearance isnt everything. Dont measure your MATERIAL lifeee against mine because You Dont Have it Better Than Anyoneeeee. Practice Being Humble because Womennnn DONT Compete w.girlsss in life OR relationships. So, Get Your Minddd Right. ✌


People who can`t stand to see the success of others will never experience their own. Picture Quotes.


Oh my gosh! I knew you'd get all envious of our plans and property. Gawd chill!! Stop looking at my pins?Nothing surprises me after we saw your obsession/ attacks on a child. Now my family and our excitement for the next phase of our lives... totally hits the nail on the head. Just laugh G. And wish them luck. Xo


I know this...I ain't hated by ignorance BT by their knowledge of the real Me that intimidate her... (;


Belief in god is a threat to the future of all humankind! Expression of love for a mythical character is an invitation for inquiry. People are going to wonder...What else don't you understand? infj4real


posting my pics telling people thats your house your man your tractor thats envy my dear and big show off of your mental state. no one is going to want you if your wishing you were with you ex sorry hunny you got to get over somethings and i think its about time its been 8 years and you obliviously are still so envious and jealious of my life i am so sorry for you


365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 223

Quote by: unknown. I'm constantly working on myself and trying to find myself and figure out who I want to be and I'm so busy doing that and everything with my life, I can't worry about what others are doing with their lives. Or what there trying to be.


Remember, those that try to destroy your happiness, do so out of jealousy, they are unhappy with their own miserable lives.


Quote A friend who has turned into an enemy has hated you all along. Envy and jealousy are the biggest cause of friendship failure.


Fan Another Flame

Wisdom. You're AWESOME because you are created in the image of God for a purpose uniquely planned for you to accomplish. Focus on finding that purpose and living it. Enjoy others who are living out their unique purpose around you.♥


Sometimes girls just can't handle the fact that another girl is cuter than them. So they do petty things like not you send you invites or stop being your friend out of envy.


Whoever Is Trying To Bring You Down, Is Already Below You

Keep being so childish I've heard people laughing at how stupid you make yourself look


19 Pinnable Inspirational Quotes That Will Motivate You


So next time you forget this and you're panicking in a corner because you saw something that brought envy into your heart or worry into your mind... QUIT IT. You simply forgot... You simply just forgot that you can do whatever you want. Quit complaining- quit blaming...the only way out of your misery is taking responsibility and DECIDING YOUR FUTURE! Join the #BOSSBABE Netwerk™ (link in bio)


You have to know your circle. The person sitting next to you can be the one trying to destroy you. I learned this lesson the hard way. Be the energy you want to attract. I am so happy I've cut down the bush in order to see the snakes. Life could not be better.. Stay encouraged & woke.. ❤️#MALIMAGIC