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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) invites middle and high school STEM* educators to attend a 5-day professional development workshop held each year in Atlanta, Georgia.


ChemMatters - Demystifying everyday chemistry. Once introduced a new topic, select resource from here to link to everyday


Pringles can solar cooker hot dog cooker! Fun!

Environmental Chemistry: Nitrates, Phosphates, and Eutrophication - Green Chemistry Experiments - 3B Scientific


A selection of 12 word searches covering a variety of science topics including: 1. Inheritance and Selection 2. Fit and Healthy 3. Plants and Photosynthesis 4. Plants for Food 5. Reactions of Metals 6. Patterns of Reactivity 7. Environmental Chemistry 8. Using Chemistry 9. Energy and Electricity 10. Gravity and Space 11. Speeding Up 12. Pressure and Moment

Using Mythbusters to introduce scientific inquiry and the scientific methods! Brilliant!


Oil Pollution in the North Sea ( The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry) (Hardcover)

Environmental Chemistry,Chemistry Hardcover,Oil Pollution,North Sea,Handbook,Oils

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Introduction to Environmental Science Work Packet

Environmental Science Workbook

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Chemistry of universal indicator


There are fun worksheets that assess the students knowledge of the Scientific Method on this site. ( There is much more on this site than just that.)