I took a recipe for a caramel, hazelnut, and coffee entremet cake from one of the top pastry chefs and broke it down to make it manageable.

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This is how to make a white or dark chocolate mirror glaze (glacage miroir), a shiny glaze for professional French entremets.

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I dreamed about making this cake for a long time ^^. There were a lot of problem lately (the flood and the people, hehe), but now I feel th...

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The glaze is the first thing you taste when you eat a cake. Fortunately, this salted caramel glacage packs a lot of flavor to make a great first impression on the taste buds. Start by making a caramel and add the liquid and thickening ingredients to form a smooth and beautiful glaze.

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Blackberry, honey, and saffron entremet cake with sponge, honey simple syrup, blackberry coulis, honey mousse, saffron crème brûlée, and a white chocolate glaze.

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