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Enterprise Value

from Social media and content marketing technology

Blog Promotion: How Your Blog Posts can Kick Ass on Google

On Page SEO Infographic Visit my new website & tell me what you think about it please >>


Knowing who you are & what you stand for. Understanding your core values & beliefs - then you can start building your own personal unique brand


How to Make Pinwheels

How to Make Pinwheels: these paper crafts are perfect for summer!

from Skint Dad

10 Places to Keep Your Money That's Not a Bank

Although a bank can keep your money safe, with low interest rates, they are not the most sought after place to leave your money. Where else can you hide your savings away?


Tarot~Ace Of Wands - A pure form of energy that has entered your life. Divinity is at hand and can be used to begin a new venture in business. Health. Courage. Simplicity. A new idea that needs planning now. It is time to do something you have always wanted to do in your career. Prospects are good for individual enterprise. Your thoughts and work can be valued now. (Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza)