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Pharynx & Larynx anatomy poster

Pharynx and Larynx anatomy poster ENT poster shows posterior view of the pharynx and shows sagittal section, deep side view and tonsils. Otolaryngology chart for doctors and nurses.

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Secondhand Smoke Linked to Hearing Loss

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Otoscope Necklace ENT Doctor MD General Medic Medical Student Birthday Gift Silver Jewelry Swarovski Channel Birthstone Silver Plated Alloy

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Stop ❗️This isn't ENT doctor❗️this is #Gaza student preparing for the exam... #GazaWithoutElectricity #EndGazaSiege

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We are one of the famous ENT Doctors in Coimbatore, Skin Doctors in Coimbatore to do all types of treatments and cure all types of skin and ENT problems.

The ears are one of the important parts of the body, so take proper care for those. Here are few caring tips for our ears to reduce the problems. If you have any problems like hearing loss or discharge, consult an ENT Doctors immediately.

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4 Primary Reasons why People Opt for Rhinoplasty

ENT doctors, whether in Houston or Dallas or for that matter in any other city in the US, always have their hands full; thanks to the rapid…

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How people argue with research they don’t like

A handy flowchart for enhancing classroom discussion“If you aren’t satisfied with the level of discourse taking place in (and out of) the classroom, then this flowchart from Wonkblog is for you. It’s...

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Get help from an audiologist or ENT doctor to treat tinnitus --- More than 50 million people in the US suffer from tinnitus. The condition, described as ringing in the ears when no external sounds are present, can make life difficult. For some, it can be almost unbearable. If you are one of the 50 million, you may be thinking, “Now what?” The good news is that there is effective treatment, and there are specific things you can and should do – and not do.

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