Famous Five - Enid Blyton. We weren't well off and I begged and begged for this set of hard covers when they came out in this edition. I took care of them each time I read them like they were made of gold and to this day, except for a little yellowing, they're like new and I love them still.

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The "Faraway Tree" stories - Enid Blyton - I LOVED these books (in paperback, with these covers) soooo much.

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The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. Can't put the individual ones of these in my board, just too many. There are 21 books and I loved reading them all!

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Yet another series I loved by Enid Blyton. The St Clares and Malory Towers series were favorites. I used to beg and beg to go to boarding school so I could have adventures like these!

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