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spelling. I would copy this multiple times and shrink down to fit a few on the page so each student would have their own little 'booklet' of spelling for the term. Helps you and them keep track of their progress or alert you to kids falling behind and with it all together it'll be organised.

from The YUNiversity


Word Roots: Feeling too sleepy to study any more vocabulary? Then make sure to remember this word root and you'll be good to go on test day

from The YUNiversity

Vocabulary Help: Word Root “MUT” (Change)

Root Word of the Day ~ Scroll through to find posters for the root words you need. More


'Bump!' A Spelling Game

BUMP! A Spelling Game -- Students usually study for spelling tests by looking over the words and spelling them out loud. Here's a spelling game that gets the whole family involved! What You Need: Paper, Pencil, Small brown paper bag