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English Prime Minister


Plucky Brits II

Great Britain British Poster. Prime Minister Winston Churchill. WWII. Vintage Art Print. Urging Britain and the British people to ''Never, Never, NEVER GIVE UP" .... and they didn't. God Bless Great Britain.


#10 Downing Street. The official residence of the Prime Minister in London.

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Best Winston Churchill Quotes

This pin is more as a reminder to myself than anything else. I've learned a little about Churchill, and have always meant to read and learn more. What I know really makes me want to learn more, but I keep reading other things. Maybe on vacation, when I actually take one...

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Queen Elizabeth II at 90: A look at highs, lows of her reign

In this Nov. 24, 1954 file photo, Elizabeth II of England and Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, wait at Waterloo station for the Queen mother on her return from a month in America. In front, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 90th birthday on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Margaret Thatcher infographic: Policies and pitfalls of the Thatcher years
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Margaret Thatcher infographic: Policies and pitfalls of the Thatcher years

Margaret Thatcher timeline: visualisation of the Thatcher years. The infographic illustrates Thatcher's political career from 1979 to 1992.


This is the death mask of England's King Henry VII (the father of King Henry VIII), who was the first Tudor monarch and reigned from 1485 to 1509. It is said to be the finest death mask in existence. It's also unusual in that his eyes are open. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a direct descendant.


Manchester Police peelers relaxing photographed around 1840. This is one of the very earliest images of policing in the Greater Manchester Area. The foundation of British policing was greatly influenced by some-time Home Secretary and Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel. Sir Robert was born in Bury, now part of the Greater Manchester region. From the collection of the Greater Manchester Police Museum and Archives. To find out more please visit


Henry VIII's first love token to Anne Boleyn. This is the first love token King Henry VIII gave to Anne Boleyn, which she kept until her death. It is a tiny gold dog whistle with a salt spoon, earpick and toothpick (he was known for his hygeine!). When Anne gave it to her jailer shortly before her execution she pointed out that the design is of a serpent adding "and thus he (Henry) proved ever unto me". It's now kept at Chequers, the Prime Minister's country residence.

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The Queen welcomes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the country

The Queen wore one of favourite bold blue suits and a hat topped with flowers as she welcomed Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to the country on the first day of his trip

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Winston Churchill's extraordinary relationship with the founding fathers of the Mail

Sir Winston Churchill ~ Anyone with a care for either education or history will have been appalled by this week's latest manifestation of national dumbing down - the survey which showed that 25 per cent of British people believe that Sir Winston Churchill was a mythical figure rather than a real human being.