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45 Great Ways to Reuse Prescription Bottles. I always feel guilty throwing them away and everyone I think to offer them to also has a stash. Nice to find some more suggested uses. If they were only clear my craft supplies would love them!

Child's toy canned goods made with those empty medicine bottles.

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30 Genius Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles

Repurpose Medicine Bottles - Earphone Container

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17 Nifty Things to Do with Pill Bottles

Travel Pincushion from old pill bottle; fasten beeswax to lid to run thread? magnet strip inside to tame needle/pins? Or styrofoam in bottom? thread/buttons, too

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3 Ways to Cut Glass Bottles

How To Cut Glass Bottles - Step by Step Tutorial for Bottle Cutting at Home for DIY Projects and Home Decor Crafts


68 Ways to Reuse Old Prescription Medicine Bottles

Let's hear it for better living through pharmaceuticals. Prescriptions, I mean. There are drugs for lowering your blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, reducing inflammation, blocking betas and curing that nasty rash you got last summer. When you find yourself on "maintenance" medications, however, such as blood pressure medicine or asthma medications, you could be looking at getting a periodic regular influx of prescription bottles.These little bottles have some interesting properties, are quite useful for what they do, and obviously, cost something to make and, being made of plastic, have an impact on the environment. They certainly don't do anyone any good filling up the landfills.This question has been asked many a time... even on the Q&A section of Instructables, as it turns out.My goal is to provide a fairly comprehensive answer to "What can I do with all these $%#&! prescription bottles?"

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30 Genius Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles

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Make toy canned food goods using empty medicine bottles.

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16 DIY to Reuse Plastic Bottles

You may never look at plastic bottles the same way again! 16 ingenious ways to reuse plastic bottles to make amazing useful things for our home and garden! | A Piece Of Rainbow


These DIY Ideas For Empty Prescription Bottles Can Really Save You A Fortune... - Page 16