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4 Ways to Start Journaling for Emotional Healing

Emotional journaling. Can simply putting pen to paper really help you make sense of your story, help you recover and create healthy emotional balance that allows you not just to survive, but to thrive? Short answer? Yes!


Yes - so don't keep digging up my shit thinking I haven't healed or I'm not ready - The only thing your doing by that is ruining the hard work I already done - Move ALONG PLEASE - I'm done and I'm healed and I'm raring to go And ain't nothing or no one gunna keep me locked down no more


Bad Beginning of a (Nice) Adventure - about Physical Education in Polish schools several years ago (and hopefully not now

Five Areas of Therapeutic Self-Care To Heal From Anxiety And Depression happy life happiness positive emotions anxiety mental health depression confidence self improvement self care self help emotional health


"Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse" is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon


An Insight Into Healing Yourself

The understanding of the difference between fixing and healing is and essential part of your journey!


Feeling your feelings is an important tool for greater self love, increased peace, happiness, confidence and joy. Download a powerful meditation for deep emotional healing at