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Emo Meaning

I love Bmth's new song, it makes me upset when people give them hate because they are changing from the whole death metal genre, but you have to think about how he feels... I mean c'mon it must be irritating yelling all the time

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On Wentzdays We Wear Eyeliner Pete Wentz Mean Girls Wall Sign

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Don't say that! I'm not going anywhere. Just because I don't sit with you one time doesn't mean I'm leaving. I'm staying as long as you need me. Which probably won't be very long

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this is why i don't really mind getting called "emo" anymore (used to hate it but i'm ok with it now)

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you cannot destroy me.

dialogue prompt

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My chemical romance will always have place in my heart❤️I've listen to them since I was 4 and I've been hooked since

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Green Day - Wake me up when September Ends

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I just want things to turn out right, I want everything to be perfect and it keeps getting messed up :(

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i may where a lot of black and i may look different from others but that doesnt mean I'm mean or emo. I'm juts different and honestly I'm pretty fricking proud to be different. XoXo~αиιє

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