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Being single sucks-Zach

Hey. My names Blake. I'm a gay type C. 15. I'm Blazes best friend. I'm really outgoing and I like art. Introduce?

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Please may we get married and have cute little kids that we can raise to love bands and take to warp tour every year.

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emo boys

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It's so cute. Like guys, you look adorable when you do that. I just wanna kiss you

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I thought of angels choking on their halos, get them drunk on rose water

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hahahaha i cant stop laughing everytime i look at this picture!! <3 this explains my clumsiness

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Emo boys

IT'S EMO BOY O'CLOCK ! ♥_____________________________ Click the image and check out some awesome Really Cute Emo Boys T-Shirts ________________

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