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Emergency Radio

Knowing the Morse Code Alphabet could save your life in a disaster situation, check it out at


Emergency Ward 10, one of the UK's most popular television shows was the medical drama serial. The serial which is set in Oxbridge Hospital began in February 1957.


The Baofeng UV-5RA and its numerous variations are among the most versatile pieces of communication equipment that you could have in an emergency; and best of all they are affordable.

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$3 Emergency Solar-Powered Radio Made With an Altoids Tin

cheap solar radio

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A RV Emergency Radio That Can Light Up a Room and Charge Your Phone Ambient Weather WR-111B Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger with NOAA Certified Weather Alert & Cables: Home & Kitchen

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Solar Products For Camping

iRonsnow Solar/Hand Crank/Micro USB Powered Emergency AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio. Emergency solar powered portable radios are great for AM/FM listening; many of them receive other frequency bands and even have the capability of charging mobile devices. The iRonsnow is an inexpensive lightweight AM/FM/NOAA emergency radio that has the capability of charging from its small solar panel.