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Emergency Preparedness Equipment

SAM Splint 36" Rolled - Orange & Blue by SAM Medical. Save 16 Off!. $12.54. Acclaimed by emergency care providers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide (and even beyond the Earth, on NASA space shuttles), the SAM® SPLINT is based on an ancient construction principle: curves are strong. The SAM® SPLINT is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. The SAM® Splint is extremely pliable. Bent into any of three simple curves, it becomes...

A Bushcraft Camping Outfit – Equipment for Living in the Woods - click to see all of the components


(Could be a good bugout bag) $85. Now there's a better way to carry your fishing gear. We tapped into L.L.Bean's vast resource of top-notch backpack developers to create a truly innovative vest/pack hybrid. Designed with the same organizational elements as a traditional vest, the Rapid River Vest Pack is constructed to distribute weight more efficiently.</P><P>Inspired by mountaineering packs, the technical suspension system reduces back and shoulder fatigue. The padded-waistbelt lumbar…


How to Sharpen an Axe - Picture Heavy “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” –Abraham Lincoln